Dean of Students

COVID-19 Response

We’re here!

Students, faculty, staff, parents and family members are always encouraged to reach out to Dean of Students staff with questions or concerns. Our desire to help our students be successful during their time at UNI has not changed, but our ways of delivering this support have adjusted as a result of COVID-19 to balance the health and safety of our students and staff. 

We are asking that individuals schedule to meet with our staff via Zoom or over the phone first and foremost. To support physical distancing, there may be times that less staff are physically in the office. 

Please utilize the following links to schedule with a staff member during one of their open appointment times:

If you're hoping to meet with a staff member during a time they do not have an appointment available, please email the staff member directly. Staff member contact information can be found on our Meet our Staff page. 

We continue to welcome phone calls and visitors to the office, but remind individuals that physical distancing practices are in place when meeting in our physical office. 

During this time we're still:

  • Collaborating with partners across campus to provide a starting place for students seeking assistance navigating an academic, advising, or other issues as a result of campus changes due to COVID-19. Students who have attempted to resolve a difficulty or challenge on their own, but are in need of additional help are encouraged to seek assistance. Dean of Students staff will work with our partners across campus to best connect the students. 
  • Checking in with “our” students. Dean of Students staff, including Student Accessibility Services, frequently have a unique connection with our students. We’ll be doing some additional outreach to students who have worked with us in the past year, but maybe haven’t recently checked-in with us.
  • Enforcing our Student Conduct Code. While this is rarely the majority of our work, it is important to us that our students are aware that we still have behavioral expectations in place for them. We will continue to communicate with students engaged in this process via email and administrative hearings will be scheduled virtually.
  • Supporting students through our Care and Concern processes. 
    • Faculty, staff, parents or students are still welcome to reach out to our office for support in navigating circumstances that may keep a student from being successful this semester. As our team works remotely, to connect a student to our office it will likely be easiest if folks start the connection by submitting a Student of Concern report. This allows us to communicate electronically among our team behind the scenes and most quickly get a staff member in touch with you to discuss next steps. 
    • We will still be engaging students that were scheduled to be connected to our office through email, phone conversations, and online meetings, depending on what best meets the needs of the student. 
  • Student Accessibility Services continues to work diligently with students and faculty in delivering student accommodations. Students, faculty or staff with questions about accommodations should directly contact Student Accessibility Services.

Better together, 
Dean of Students staff