Dean of Students

Faculty & Staff

Faculty, staff, students or others who are concerned about the behavior of a student that is potentially dangerous to self or others, or is disruptive are encouraged to report or discuss the concern with an appropriate University representative. If you have a concern about a student, confidentiality laws don't prevent you from reporting the concern. If danger is immediate, call 911 or on campus 9-911. If you believe there is an urgent situation with a student, call the Counseling Center at 273-2676 and they will consult with you about what to do.

To Report or Discuss a Concern About A...

Student, contact the Dean of Students Office or Report a Concern.

Faculty Member, contact the Office of the Provost, 273-2517.

Staff Member, contact Human Resources, 273-2619.

Visitor, contact Public Safety, 273-4000.

Resources to Address Disturbing or Disruptive Student Behavior

Recognizing and Assisting Students in Distress

Resources for Supporting Students

Disruptive Behaviors

Threatening Student Behaviors

Suicidal Students

Counseling Referrals

Disclosure of Information About Students