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Dean of Students

Student Leadership Awards

In collaboration with several other campus offices, the Office of the Dean of Students recognizes students for several awards during the annual Student Leadership Awards ceremony each April. 

  • The Lux Service Award is awarded to graduating senior students each academic year to acknowledge the culmination of their overall involvement. 
  • The Outstanding Student Leader Award recognizes graduating senior students for the lead they have taken in overall campus involvement. 
  • The Servant Leadership Award recognizes students, regardless of academic level, who have worked for the common good while putting the needs of others first. 

In partnership with the Chief Diversity Officer, during the 2016-2017 academic year, the Diversity Matters Award for students was awarded by the Office of the Dean of Students. 






Past Award Recepients
2016 Award Recepients
2011 Lux Recepients

Diversity Matters Award
Information on the Diversity Matters Award is available here.