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Dean of Students

Student Leadership Awards

The following awards are administered by the Office of the Dean of Students. A complete list of awards presented at the Student Leadership Banquet is available here
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Lux Service Award
The Lux is the official University seal; it illustrates a burning lamp of knowledge and the Latin word Lux, meaning light.  It is conferred in the spirit of keeping the light of service to others burning brightly at the University of Northern Iowa.  The Lux Service Award is the most prestigious award given to graduating senior students each academic year to acknowledge the culmination of their overall involvement. Recipients consistently go above and beyond, leaving a lasting legacy upon graduation. Recipients of this award must be scheduled to graduate in the 2017 year (Spring, Summer, or Fall).  

Outstanding Student Leader Award
The Outstanding Student Leader Award is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated dedication and leadership through their involvement in one or more campus activities. The Outstanding Student Leader Award is given to graduating senior students each academic year to acknowledge the lead they have taken, by recognized title or not, in their overall campus involvement. Recipients of this award must be scheduled to graduate in the 2017 year (Spring, Summer, or Fall). 

Servant Leadership Award
The Servant Leadership Award recognizes those who have worked for the common good while putting the needs of others first. In its broadest definition, servant leadership is serving others. This award is focused on recognizing students regardless of the level of their academic career at UNI.  

Students may only win one of the above awards each year and may not win the same award twice during their University of Northern Iowa career. 

Selection Process
Selection of the recipients for each award will be based upon the selection committee's review of the submitted nomination, student's application, and resume.  All applicants selected as a finalist will also interview with the selection committee.  For this reason, it is very important that the information in the student application be presented accurately, completely, and clearly. The selection committee will be comprised of University of Northern Iowa faculty and staff. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Demonstrated service to the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Currently enrolled undergraduate student at UNI.
  • Required minimum University of Northern Iowa GPA of 2.5.

Anyone (faculty, staff, student, self, etc.) may nominate qualified students for the Lux Service Award, Outstanding Student Leader Award, and/or Servant Leadership Award. Nominations were available through February 10, 2017. Students will receive directions for completing their application via email after February 13, 2017. Completed applications are due by Friday, March 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. 

The recipients of the Lux Service Award will be recognized during the 2017 Spring or Fall Commencement ceremonies. The nominees and recipients for all three awards will be recognized during the Student Leadership Banquet on April 11, 2017. 

Past Award Recepients
2016 Award Recepients
2011 Lux Recepients

Diversity Matters Award
Information on the Diversity Matters Award is available here.