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Searching for Off-Campus Housing?
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While living in your off-campus apartment/house, you may have questions about your rights and your landlord's responsibilities. You may run into some problems or have issues that you are not quite sure how to deal with. Here are some suggestions and resources that may help you better understand your situation and concerns.  

Research the Iowa Code for information regarding the following:  

 Getting Repairs 

  • When you need a repair made in your apartment/house, you usually call your landlord to make the repair request. Calling is fine, but you should always follow-up in writing. Send the written request to your landlord (hand deliver and get signed by office representative or certified mail) and always keep a copy for your records. 

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Problems with your Landlord

  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
    • If you feel you have been sexually harassed by your landlord or his/her employee, contact the Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission at 319-273-5113.
    • If you feel your landlord or their employee has discriminated against you, contact the Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission at 319-273-5113.
  • Sale of Property
    • During your lease term, it is possible that your landlord will sell the building you are living in. Even if you get a new landlord mid-year, your current lease still remains valid (but exceptions do exist).
  • Unlawful Entry
    • Your landlord is required to provide notice prior to entering the premises in non-emergency instances. 
  • Eviction
    • Your landlord has the right to evict a tenant for various reasons.
    • Your landlord must follow certain procedures when evicting a tenant.
  • Noisy Neighbors
    • If you are having issues with neighbors being excessively loud and disruptive, contact your landlord so that they are aware of the situation.
    • If the problem persists, you may want to contact the police to report a noise disturbance. Make sure to keep a copy of the police report for your records, and send a copy to your landlord.
    • If you are being evicted for noise violations, make sure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Military
    • If you are a service member and are renting a property, know your rights under Iowa Code 29A.101.

 For more information about tenant rights and responsibilities visit the following sites:

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Utilities and Services

Cedar Falls Utilities           (319) 266-1761
P.O. Box 769 - Cedar Falls, IA 50613

  • This company provides electricity, gas, water, cable television, and internet services to the Cedar Falls and surrounding areas. You will need to notify Cedar Falls Utilities when you move in to your new place and when you move out.

The Cedar Falls Public Works Department                (319) 273-8629
1500 Bluff St. - Cedar Falls, IA 50613                                                           

  • This department provides the maintenance and operation of streets, sewers and solid waste disposal. Check here for answers to your questions regarding garbage collection, recycling, Christmas tree disposal, snow removal, sanitary sewer, and street maintenance.

Inspection Services               (319) 273-6892
220 Clay Street - Cedar Falls, IA 50613

  • If you suspect your unit has a code violation and your landlord refuses to fix the problem, you can contact the Cedar Falls Inspection Services Division.  The Inspection Services Division is responsible for the enforcement of all Federal, State, and local building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical codes. This Division insures compliance on all construction, remodeling, improvements, and alternations in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Cedar Falls. The Division also may initiate action on dangerous and unsafe structures.

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Searching for Off-Campus Housing

Looking to rent off campus? Searching for a roommate or subleaser? Check out the Housing List sponsored by Northern Iowa Student Government at ​



Other Helpful Resources:

Cedar Falls Rental Information
The City of Cedar Falls
The City of Waterloo
Resources at UNI

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