Dean of Students


As a parent or family member of a University of Northern Iowa student, you are part of a community of faculty, staff, alumni and other families who are dedicated to the goal of ensuring that students have the best educational experience possible.

For students, college is a time marked by a variety of emotions, from excitement and happiness to fear and indecision.  As a parent or support person, your student will often turn to you for advice, feedback or just a sympathetic ear. 

Please refer to these resources that will assist you in advising your son, daughter, or family member. 

Parent Connection Hotline: 1-866-207-9412 is the best place to start when you have questions about most anything relating to enrollment, graduation, or many things in between. 

Parent Information Page contains valuable information about university services, a calendar of important dates and other helpful information that will assist you in advising your son, daughter or family member.

UNI Parents Association is an advocacy group for the university, representing students and their parents. It also functions in an advisory role to the university's administration, faculty and staff on matters pertaining to the academic and social experiences of UNI students. 

Panther Parent E-Newsletter You'll receive updates several times each semester featuring university events, deadlines and tips from the UNI Parents Association.