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Dean of Students

Rental Property Checklist



o   How much does rent cost?

o   When is it due?

o   What is the penalty for late payments?

o   Can we pay with multiple checks, or does it need to be one check?

o   Can rent be raised anytime throughout the lease?

o   If moving in half way through the month, will rent be pro-rated? How much will it be?


o   Maximum number of occupants at one time?

o   Dates: Move-In & Move-Out

o   Time frame for notice of lease renewal

o   Are you allowed to have a subleaser (if needed)?


o   Where can you park?

o   How many spaces are available?

o   Do you need a permit?

o   Does it cost extra for parking, or is it included in your rent?


o   Is a washer and/or dryer provided?

o   If not provided, can tenants install a washer and/or dryer?


o   What is the average cost of utilities? (remember it will be more    expensive during the winter)

o   Is cable and internet included in your rent or utilities? If utilities, who is the provider (CFU, Mediacom, etc.)

o   Who (within your house/apartment) will be responsible for the Utilities (paying the bill, transferring accounts, ending service, etc.)?

o   How old is the property?  Unless the property has been renovated in the inside, many times the older apartments/homes may not have a lot of insulation. Windows may be old and allow for cold air to enter quite easily. Storm windows may not exist. Older units may not have central air. Window air conditioning units can be purchased, but tend to increase the electricity bill drastically.

o   What is the size of the property?  The larger the unit, the more expensive it is to heat and cool. If you are renting a large house, the gas bill will probably be quite high in the winter months. Having roommates will help in sharing the utility costs.


o   Who mows the lawn?

o   Who shovels the snow (driveway and sidewalk)?

o   Verify the lease states who will be responsible for damages and repairs, such as: fixing leaky faucets, broken appliances, burnt light bulbs, cracked windows, etc.


o   Smoking?

o   Parties?

o   Noise Level?

o   Pets?

o   Holes in walls, can you hang things on the walls?

Security Deposit:

o   How much is the security deposit?

o   What are the conditions for getting the deposit back?

o   When will you receive your deposit back?


o   Do ALL doors and windows lock?

o   Will locks be changed with change of tenants

o   Are there smoke detectors in all common rooms and bedrooms of the property? Do they work? Check them every couple months.

o   Location - would you feel safe living in the area, or staying home by yourself