Dean of Students

Spiritual Leaders Association

The Office of the Dean of Students serves as the university liaison to the Spiritual Leaders Association.

The Spiritual Leaders Association (SLA) is a gathering of professional spiritual leaders who are affiliated with a local entity or a religious student organization. The association and its’ members work to serve the spiritual, social, and holistic health of the university community, provide presence and support during times of crisis; and represent diverse faith traditions on campus.

Code of Ethics:
We respect the dignity and integrity of students on campus. When working with students we will be sensitive to whether or not the student gives permission to enter their life. We affirm the right of any student to make choices, we shall make it our responsibility to discover any current involvement in spiritual life, and we will respect the dignity and integrity of students. In general advertising and personal contact, we shall always identify the religious, denominational, or ecumenical sponsorship and agenda of our program.

We respect the dignity and integrity of our peers. We shall show respect for one another theologically, understanding ours to be primarily a professional rather than a theological commitment to one another. We shall maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual concern, and shall respect one another to listen and to speak when questions arise concerning relationships among us or the groups we represent.

We respect the programs and policies of the University of Northern Iowa. We shall have due regard for university policy at all levels. We see ourselves as cooperative members of the university community and shall act as part. If an occasion arises where we take exception to policies or practices and find it necessary to exercise freedom to disagree, we shall do so with dignity worth of our offices as religious leaders. Our sincere effort will be to seek a peaceful and equitable solution to any conflict within the unive-rsity system.

Members, 2018-2019
Carter Moore, College-Age Ministry – Orchard Hill Church
David Glenn-Burns, Campus Minister – Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation
Alex Newmaster, Campus Director – Cedar Heights Baptist & Trinity Bible Church
Carter Moore - Nazareth Lutheran Church
Fr. John - Director of Campus Ministry - St. Stephen's The Witness
Ken Trautman, FCA Area Representative - Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fr. John Wegener, Reverend - College Hill Lutheran Church
Dirk Wiese, College Pastor - The Good Life

Campus Collaborations
Members of the Spiritual Leaders Association collaborate in various ways throughout the year to support the University of Northern Iowa campus community, specifically students. Throughout the year, under the leadership of the Lutheran Student Center, the Spiritual Leaders Association supports the Student Food Pantry. Each spring semester, the Spiritual Leaders Association hosts a Soup Lunch to recognize the efforts of faculty and staff.

For more information on the Spiritual Leaders Association, please contact:
Allyson Rafanello, Dean of Students


David Glenn-Burns, Spiritual Leaders Association Chairperson