Dean of Students

Student Assistance & Outreach

Faculty, staff, students or others who are concerned about the behavior of a student that is potentially dangerous to self or others, or is disruptive are encouraged to report their concerns. If you have a concern about a student, confidentiality laws don't prevent you from reporting the concern.

If danger is immediate, call 911 or on campus 9-911.


To Report or Discuss a Concern About A...

Student, contact the Dean of Students Office or Report a Concern.

Faculty Member, contact the Office of the Provost, 273-2517.

Staff Member, contact Human Resources, 273-2619.

Visitor, contact Public Safety, 273-4000.


Resources to Address Disturbing or Disruptive Student Behavior

Recognizing and Assisting Students in Distress

Disruptive Behaviors

Threatening Student Behaviors

Counseling Referrals

Disclosure of Information about Students

Report a Student Concern

Suicidal Students