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Dean of Students


Students involved in the student conduct process have the right to be assisted by an advisor of their choice.  An advisor may be a parent, friend, staff or faculty member, or an attorney provided at the student’s own expense.  The role of an advisor is passive; they may not ask questions or make arguments during the hearing.  

Advisors are defined by the Student Conduct Code (Section VII: Definitions) as a person who may be present and assist the involved parties through the conduct process.  Typically, advisors are members of the campus community, but the involved parties may select whomever they wish to serve as their advisor.  An advisor may not serve as a witness or otherwise be party to the case.

Below is a list of UNI faculty, staff and students who are trained advisors.  A student going through the conduct process may reach out to any of the listed individuals to request support as an advisor through the conduct process.  It is up to the individual parties to contact an advisor if they wish prior to the hearing.