Panthers Against Hunger

The Panthers Against Hunger program allows everyone to help in the fight against food insecurity. With the growing number of college students facing food insecurity the Dean of Students, Panther Pantry and the UNI Dining are working together to provide students in need with a hot meal. Food insecurity affects college students in a number of ways. Oftentimes students will choose to pay other bills before paying for food, health issues can arise, and hunger disrupts a students ability to learn. The Panthers Against Hunger campaign will allow students an opportunity to apply for a hot meal provided by UNI Dining.


How to Donate

Student Dining Dollar Donations

UNI Students can donate dining dollars up to $20.  You just need to fill out the following link and indicate how many dining dollars you would like to donate. Form will be active September 26th through October 2nd!


Form for Faculty, Student, Alumni and Friends to Donate

Monetary donations of any amount are welcome.

How to Receive Meals

We are currently accepting requests for donations to this program. Check back here mid-October for form to fill out to request assistance.