Dean of Students

Student Conduct

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for administering and interpreting the University of Northern Iowa Student Conduct Code. This includes receiving reports of alleged misconduct, ensuring that students receive due process and fair treatment throughout the hearing process, and maintaining students' disciplinary records. The Code outlines university standards for student behavior and delineates the processes by which allegations of misbehavior will be addressed. The Dean of Students area is committed to providing an educational conduct process that informs students of their rights as members of the university community and educates them about the responsibilities they have to themselves and the other members of the university community.

The Student Conduct Code is grounded in a commitment to three core values:

Respect: University of Northern Iowa students support the rights of individuals to live and work with each other in a safe environment reflective of the educational ideals of the University. 

Responsibility: University of Northern Iowa students engage in responsible social conduct that reflects positively upon the University community while modeling good citizenship in all communities. 

Honesty: University of Northern Iowa students live a life of integrity, creating good leaders, friends, and colleagues who share the common goal of building our learning community. 

In order to support these core values, all students and student organizations are responsible for knowing the information, policies, and procedures outlined in the Student Conduct Code. 

When incidents happen and University of Northern Iowa students are involved, our office is the main university entity that works with students to resolve disciplinary matters. Students, faculty, and staff who believe there has been a violation can contact our office to discuss options available for reporting incidents or can report the allegation of student misconduct online

The Office of the Dean of Students is located in 118 Gilchrist Hall along with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Student Success and Retention