Care Team


The mission of the Care Team is to provide a coordinated analysis and response to higher-level concerns for individual students while balancing the need to support the safety of individuals and the safety of the campus community. Members of the Care Team and other individuals providing direct student support on behalf of the team seek to support students personal and academic success through individual work with students to address behaviors and issues proactively. Collaborative communication among the individuals represented on the Care Team allows for this proactive management. 



  • To provide support for students struggling with behavioral and emotional difficulties. 
  • To support connections to medical and counseling services to students who are in need. 
  • To increase the retention rate of higher-risk students through supportive measures. 
  • To encourage student connection to personal support systems including parents and family members. 

Potential Outcomes

The Care Team seeks to develop a plan of support for individual students while minimizing the impact their personal circumstance may have on other students or the university community. A Care Team member or a staff member from one or more of the represented offices may work directly with students discussed at Care Team in the execution of a support plan. Student concerns or issues typically addressed include extreme academic concerns, emotional concerns, social-cultural concerns, behavioral concerns, and other personal concerns. Frequently students are found to be experiencing concerns or struggles in more than one area. In working with a student, staff work to connect students with other university supports and processes that may best support a student at that time. Frequently this includes making changes to their academic courseload. 

At times a student's behavior may be supported through Student Care and a specific instance(s) are referred to the student conduct process when that instance includes an allegation of misconduct. If deemed appropriate by the Dean of Students (or designee), information from the students conduct record may be shared with members of the Care Team. 

Confidentiality and Records

All meetings and communication will be considered confidential. Any documents, forms of other information utilized by the Care Team are considered educational records of the individual student and are maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students. Information contained in those records will be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).