What We Do

Frequently, faculty, staff and other members of the UNI community will refer a student to Student Care when they believe a student could benefit from one-on-one support, connection to on-campus resources and/or referral to off-campus resources. 


Dean of Students staff working with Student Care:

  • Listen actively

  • Assist students in exploring options for resolving concerns

  • Offer coaching for difficult conversations

  • Support a student in developing an action plan for current challenges

  • Explain university policies and procedures and their impact on student circumstances

  • Provide consultation

Student Care provides assistance to UNI students during situations such as:

  • Unexpected events or challenges

  • Pre and post hospitalization assistance, including transitioning back to campus

  • Medical emergencies or long-term illness

  • Emotional or mental health concerns

  • Death of a family member

  • Natural disasters

  • Other personal emergencies or extenuating circumstances

  • Not sure where else to go for help. 

Dean of Students staff working with Student Care welcome connection and communication from parents and family members to best support students. Connecting students with assistance and support through Student Care early during times of personal struggle can help positively impact personal and academic success. Please reach out and engage staff in questions and conversation.